Yuk Ke Taman! Taman Tanjung 2, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta

Taman Tanjung 2 is a community park located in Tanjung Barat, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Took place in front of Jl. TB Simatupang make this public place quite clear for people who passed by. This area size is 2281 msq and it designate for public especially who lived around the park and willing to take rest or release some stress. It reflected by the overall design.

Taman Tanjung 2 provides a wide plaza and grass area with mounding to suggest the visitors do the active action, and the bale or gazebo if we only want to do the passive things. For people with the children, this park accomodate a playground with rubber surface, so it's quite safe for any age. This park is also provide outdoor fitness equipment, for people who willing to workout in this park, do not worry about the safety because it is flooring by rubber surface. For people who want to release the stress they can use reflexology path, this area is also one of best idea to do. 

Overall Taman Tanjung 2 really accomodate urban people needs and can be used by all ages also all activity. 

Taman Tanjung 2 Map

Welcome area with Park Signage

Main Area: Plaza and Mounding Grass 

Outdoor Fitness Area

The Bale for Passive Activity

Activity on Reflexology Path

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