Landscape Architecture

The frequently asked questions, according to me as a recent graduate from my study is, what (definitely) your major is?

My major is Landscape Architecture, it is study about planning, designing, also maintaining the landscapes. How we plan, design, or maintain it, is just want to make a sustainable living between people and nature. The word 'landscape' itself means the site or area which cover from small to large territory. The small landscape are includes: home garden, community park, parking area, or even a small plaza. Wider than the small, called larger landscape area,includes: public park, town, coastal, or mountaineous area.

Small landscape design scoupe; home garden

Larger landscape design scoupe; public park

The recent graduate from landscape architecture study mostly working on landscape architecture consultant, architect firm, developer, nursery, botanical garden, or public civil employee which related to our field, like (especially on Indonesia) Distama, Bappeda, Dinas Tata Kota, Dinas Pertanian, Dinas Kehutanan, maupun Dinas Pekerjaan Umum. For me, I choose consultant as my first step to professionaly work as a Landscape Architect.

Largest landscape design scoupe; town area

Our world is soo fun, we learn how to make a sustainable sites which combine the nature, people will live in and/or the economy factor will affect it, also how to make a beautiful, scluptural, and functional  sites. Sometimes we work into interrelated field like architect, civil engineer, construction engineer, urban specialist, also gardener. In some case we will work harder than any employee, our work time is limitless, and our brain have to push up with newly fresh idea. Everything that we do is just want to make a beautiful, functional, and sustainable site.

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