University of Indonesia Campus Library

Library is one of important thing for the university and the student inside. It provide needs of scientifical informations for the university members. 

The surrounding and the design of library will take an important role, especially for the visitor. By a good design it will take a good relation between human and the space. One of expected ambience is how the visitor feel comfortable by doing their activities, either inside or outside.

University of Indonesia, as the oldest university in Indonesia, realized to renew their library to be more modern and comfortable for their member. The main part of this area is the building, with the theme "Crystal of Knowledge". It reflected in giant building structure looked like a crystal chunk. 

The outdoor area also played a main role, it functioned as a welcome and area for the visitor to do social interaction. The strong line of sunken garden succeeded to gain people as individuals or groups do their activities. Wide promenade make a pedestrian pass comfortably, the long concrete seating allowed the visitor do the passive activity. Lake existing around of main area gather all the ambience by it is view, the blewing wind, and milder weather. Retaining existing trees add a plus point for the surrounding, it provides nature activity interaction, such as a bird habitat. By gather all the natural and man made element will bring out amenities between people and environment.

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