Shared Space Through Art Activity at Ginza, Tokyo

Celebrating children's day in Japan 子供の日(Kodomo no Hi) had been unusual things in this year, especially at Ginza, Tokyo. Kodomo no Hi is a day set aside to respect children personalities and to celebrate their happiness. One of educational service organization, called Comosol, created an event called "Kids Road Art Project". This event was fully support the children to expressed their ideas through art on Ginza city street as their media.

Many children came and showed their enthusiast. They were not only drew anything they like but also gave messages to transfer. Some of the drawing spotted a support for recent victims at Kumamoto prefecture. Those pictures below showed how they really excited about the event.

"We always surprised about what children think and what they want to speak. We as the social people need to consider about children's opinion. Also as an adult we can help them and make it realize."
 -Sigit, 22 

This shared space program are one of important things to gain children creativity and an engagement in between local people. This event also make people who live there will have an awareness about this space and make children have a good senses about their community. 


Sigit Mulyansyah
Master Student of Chiba University, Japan

Edited by: Am

Picture by: Sigit Mulyansyah,


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